Funnel Cake Recess provides a one of a kind experience featuring funnel cakes that include an unprecedented assortment of toppings. FCR takes pride in having an original and creative take on fun food. The treats are just one phase of the Funnel Cake Recess experience, every event has the opportunity to have its fun enhanced by adding games and music!                       


In addition to the fun and games, at the heart of FCR's service is community engagement through it's FCR Initiative.  

"Giving back is essential. Community service is needed, important, and viewed as a part of FCR’s responsibility. Philanthropic opportunities, and ideas are limitless according to FCR." A percentage of every funnel cake sold gets funneled back into the community that we serve.

Our FUNNEL BACK M.O. is inspired by one of RVA's legends, Arthur Ashe, who's legacy of philanthropy has inspired FCR's mission.  

"Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can." - Arthur Ashe